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Welcome onboard on our new project towards taking care of captive elephants

Our ambition is to provide higher care for captive elephants in Sri Lanka where their needs and well-being is our first priority. We hope to raise awareness among the general public about their situation and showcase a better way to care for these giants. We do not allow any entertainment riding or bathing.

We invite you to visit or volunteer in our organisation where you will be able to learn about every aspect concerning captive elephants. We believe that visitors should come to experience and learn from all angles, from scooping dung, and collecting food to helping with the health check and walking alongside the elephant. We want the visitor not only to leave with a picture or the experience of a walk but with a greater understanding of them.

Newly established we are still working on the facilities, if you wish to help us develop, consider visiting, volunteering, or donating. Every amount is a step towards creating a better environment for Sri Lankan captive elephants.