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How to help us

1. Visit or volunteer for half a day, a day or for a few weeks. You will be able to help the elephants directly and all the funds will help us run and develop the project further. The fees will go in priority towards food and medical supplies.

2. Consider a donation (coming soon) if you wish to help us further, this can also be transformed as a gift for a loved one. This will allow us to develop our facilities and go towards our first large project, the night/musth enclosure for Saliya.

3. Donate food and supplies if you live in Sri Lanka to help increase the care of our elephant. If you want to donate one of the following items contact us for more details. We are mainly looking for:

Jackfruit/Kithul/Coconut leaves


Concrete (to build the night enclosure)

Iron/steel bars (to build the night enclosure)

Metal roofing panels

Water tanks

4. Follow and share our website with your family and friends as well as our Instagram and Facebook page. Like this, you can stay up to date with our news and help us expand our community!