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Volunteer with us

We offer a volunteer program of 1 or 2 weeks with the possibility to stay for longer if our work programme allows it and we deem it suitable (1 to 3 months). During your stay, you will learn about captive elephants and directly contribute to their well-being. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! Currently, we only home Saliya, limiting the capacity to two volunteers at a time for his comfort.

We will provide you with lodgings, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and on-site transport (related to the project). We can also organise your transport from the airport.

During your stay as a volunteer you will participate in the daily care of Saliya, this will usually involve the following activities:

Cleaning the night bed


Veterinary check

Collecting and learning about forage

Information about Ayurvedic medicine

Optional activities depending on your preferences include:

Helping to build and improve the facilities for the elephants

Veterinary lectures


Cultural outings

Sri Lankan cooking lessons


Programme Fees:

1 Week Programme: 96 000 LKR per person

2 Week Programme: 175 000 LKR per person

*Due to the extreme volatile exchange rates, please refer to the USD.

Please be aware your stay will require a certain amount of physical energy on your part, if you have questions please contact us before booking.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in our volunteer programme: